The People

The following people are already involved in the Alternating Realities Project:

John Galea (Writer/Director, Producer) has a bachelor of Design from COFA, University of New South Wales, and has been working in theatre for over ten years as an actor and director, in addition to screenwriting and production design for short film, both at AFTRS and in independent productions. In 2012 he produced and directed The Tempest – Steampunked! in association with the Sydney Fringe Festival. It played to sold-out crowds, and was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and on ABC News 24. John also runs his own freelance digital design business.

Robert McMahon (Tesla consultant) has been working with and exhibiting Tesla technology for decades. Robert is a licensed electrician and qualified electrical engineer who has constructed his own Tesla coils (including a musical Tesla coil), Van De Graff generator, Wardenclyffe Tower scale model, 2 metre high Jacob’s ladder, sparks motor and disc lightning machine (part of his research into ball lightning). Robert is also an expert on Nikola Tesla’s life and times, having spent years studying the man and his work.

Victor Spiegel (Composer and Sound Design) received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California in “Performance Integration of World Myths and Music”. There he wrote, directed and performed his Magic Door opera. He also composed and conducted his ensemble and symphonic works. His Master of Arts in Music Composition from Mills College in California solidified his academic and professional involvement in scoring for diverse media. It also provided him a basis for subsequent directing and involvement in teaching and film and video work; currently Lecturer in Advanced Arranging and Composition at JMC Academy, Sydney.

Elizabeth Elwell-Cook (Costumes) is an experienced historical costumier who runs her own business, ‘Cote & Cutler Outfitters’. She has worked on a number of theatre and media productions, medieval fairs and re-enactments. Her costume re-creations are diverse: Ancient Egyptian, to High Renaissance, to Elvis. She prides herself on accuracy, having researched museum collections worldwide for detailed knowledge of cut and construction. Her Leonardo Da Vinci costume was featured in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, in the Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy to Robots travelling exhibition. Her Elvis gold tuxedo replica won best costume out of 15,000 at the Parkes Gathering in 2012.

Chris Davies (Sound Design, Audiovisual Systems Designer) has been working in the entertainment industry in various roles since 1996, managing recording studios, doing live sound for bands, producing events/concerts, playing in bands and ultimately securing a role as a sound engineer at the Sydney Opera House. Chris’ skills in audio and audio visual have seen him travel Australia and overseas with various companies using his expertise to setup and run theatre shows. Chris has been engaged by Opera Australia as an Audio Visual contractor where he was responsible for the audio visual setup and configuration of complex audio visual systems for Aida, A Street Car Named Desire and Acis Dido to name a few.

A significant highlight of Chris’ career came when he was asked to mix the live sound and create the broadcast mix for the start of the Olympic torch from Sydney to Athens. Chris’ work was beamed around the world and heard by millions of people across numerous news outlets. Chris continues to participate in theatre and often works with smaller independent companies as a Technical Specialist/Contractor. Chris currently runs Bandwidth Media, a production company specialising in web based digital content solutions.

Lewis Morley (Production Design)

Lewis’s fascination with fantasy and Science Fiction was locked in at an early age reading H G Wells (the Penguin edition illustrated by Harry Willock) and watching the works of Gerry Anderson on the telly. His dream quickly became to make models, put them in front of a camera and blow them up.

Although the blowing up bit didn’t progress beyond penny-bungers inside Airfix tanks, the rest came true –sort of -for a while. A career in film, with work on productions like Razorback, Dark City, the Matrix Trilogy and Star Wars Episodes 2&3 followed, with new technology cutting off old avenues of escape at every turn. Luckily it also brought new opportunities, not the least of which was the ability to use a computer to make a mediocre drawing look pretty presentable.
These days he uses his design and communication skills for television commercials, independent films and helping 3D CGI animators learn real-world skills to compliment their digital abilities.

Anna Kamaralli, MA (Hons), PhD (Script editor, Dramaturg) has a doctorate in Shakespearian Gender studies and in addition to directing multiple Shakesperean plays has recently published a book on the subject, Shakespeare and the Shrew. She is an expert in verse structures and the relationship between drama and cultural identity.

Karl Cook (Prop Design and Making, Set Design) is a professional jeweller and metalsmith with over ten years of experience in the reenactment and film props business. He has previously worked on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, Pitch Black and Steven Speilberg’s Hook as a swordsmith.